Visiting a new establishment with business facilities.

In August I visited an establishment with a restaurant, café, hotel and business meeting facilities in Huizen. It had monumental building parts and also just new completed buildings. I was astonished when the ‘accessible’entrance of the monumental building where the meeting took place had a treshold of approximately 10 centimeters. The other entrance with a much lower threshold could only be reached via a stairs. The other business people attending the meeting were creative and came up with this solution, combined with pushing, to help an electric wheelchair user to enter.


The meeting was held in a conversation pit and had three steps going down. There was a portable ramp available, but it was way to steep. The electric wheelchair user had to be supported going down and up, otherwise the wheelchair could collapse.


After the meeting we wanted to get a drink at the restaurant/café which was located within a new building. But how do you enter the sidewalk when there is no ramp at all? We had to go around the back since the entrance had a few steps as well and then push the wheelchair up the ramp again. We stayed out on the terrace since the weather was great. When I went inside to visit the ladies room I concluded this was a good thing. There were so many tables to close to each other that the wheelchair couldn’t get through. Also not to visit the disabled toilet in the basement.


Huizen, August 2013