Talbert House was designed by Charles Moore in 1962. It is located in Oakland in California (USA).

The dwelling is an example of the type ‘rooms added like saddlebags’. It is a vertical organized house on a very steep slope. Programmatic the house is literally turned upside down. The entrance is located on the upper level and completely downstairs is the garret. The house is entered from the street via a stair and a bridge. Behind the front door the foyer is situated from which the central space is visible. This space contains the most important residential functions, organised over several levels. Several stairs connect the levels and generate a spiral movement. Towards the garret it becomes looser and more provisionally. The typical ‘saddlebags’ contain the entrance space, a bathroom, a kitchen, a toilet, balconies and a bay window.

Within this assignment, create a model, the use of modern modelling techniques and make the routing visible within the dwelling are the main focus.

The model is created by using the laser cutter. Therefore the whole dwelling had to be worked out in Autocad. Followed by preparing the files for the laser cutter.

To make the routing within the building visible in the model, two facades and the roof are carried out in perspex. The other parts of the model are made from mdf. To emphasize the routing within the model its appearance is totally white.