A remarkable visit to a physiotherapist.


A while back I visited a physiotherapist. Several physical practitioners work here under one roof sharing facilities, but all have their personal working space. I had to walk up the stairs to enter his personal treatment room. There was no elevator. He was very proud of his therapy room. Lots of light, a view, spatious and private.

Immediately I remarked that since his office was upstairs he couldn’t treat disabled persons because they can’t walk the stairs. He responded by saying that downstairs they had enough facilities to treat disabled people. This response I found already quite remarkable, allthough what I meant was that by chosing this specific room for his therapy he actually also chose not to treat people who can’t walk or can’t walk that well. Something I found personally very strange for a physiotherapist. And certainly not hospitable and patient friendly. He said that in India disabled people had much less facilities. I was astonished by this response and said that it was actually the reason why you hardly see any disabled persons in these countries. Also I have been in India….. In many countries disabled people can’t leave their home or nursing home due to the lack of accessibility. And thinking about India many don’t even have a home. Which is actually my point, what if the world would be more accessible for everybody in it……

But here is the climax, while treating me, this physiotherapist told me he was actually also an architect. I fell of my chair, if architects and physiotherapists already tend to think this way….. I left feeling horrible.