Within the mastertrack Architecture Lee-Anne specialised within R-MIT (Restoration-Modification, Intervention, Transformation) at the Faculty Architecture at the TU Delft. She attended all courses available within this specialisation.



During her study Lee-Anne always integrated accessibility for disabled persons in her design projects. Architecture is for everyone.



Lee-Anne has always used Autocad during her design projects to draw plans, sections, facades, and details. Besides learning by trial and error, Lee-Anne also attended a course on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign provided by the TU Delft Library for which she received a certificate. She also followed online workshops involving Adobe. The Bachelor offered several Maya courses within informatics and integrated in the design projects. Lee-Anne attended several Revit workshops individually.


Design methods and resources

During her design process Lee-Anne uses all kinds of design methods and resources. She feels within design and assignment there is never one way and she always explores several options. This search results in strong and clear starting points eventually leading to a design concept. During the whole design process she incorporates all necessary aspects to eventually reach an integral architectural design.

She makes many little and bigger scale models using different materials and methods to support her in her process . Also sketching on paper is used to develop several variants and to explore all possibilites. Computer programs she uses to support her during this process. Her final products exist out of a combination of digital drawings, hand drawings and models.

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Within the Bachelor Lee-Anne took a course on Adobe Flash. She also has made use of Adobe Dreamweaver and made several websites within WordPress.



Lee-Anne took several photography courses at the Cutural centre of the TU Delft and the VAK (Centre of arts) in Delft. Her camera always accompanies her on her trips.